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What size storage units to you have?

We have 10×10, 10×15, 10×20, and 10×30 units available for rent.

Where are the storage units located?

The storage units are conveniently located at 1631 E Hedges Plaza, Nevada, MO 64772 behind the office building. This is just one block from Austin Blvd and a few blocks from Hwy I-49 giving you easy access from the main east-west corridor and the main north-south corridor in Nevada.

Driving directions: From Austin Blvd, turn north into the driveway for Community National Bank & Trust, then immediately take the outer road to the east (right) in front of the bank and go to the next driveway where you will see 2 brick buildings. We are in the square brick building at the back with a blue sign on the door.

Where do I go to start renting a storage unit?

You will need to go to the office to provide a copy of your government issued photo ID, sign a storage unit lease, and pay for the first month’s rent.

The office for renting storage units is located at 1631 E Hedges Plaza, Nevada, MO 64772 and the storage units are located behind the office.

Driving directions: From Austin Blvd, turn north into the driveway for Community National Bank & Trust, then immediately take the outer road to the east (right) in front of the bank and go to the next driveway where you will see 2 brick buildings. We are in the square brick building at the back with a blue sign on the door.

What hours is the office open?

The office is open 8am to 5pm Monday thru Friday. We will be happy to assist you in person or answer any questions you may have by phone at 417-667-2633.

If you need to make a payment either during business hours or non-business hours, you may do so at

If you need to reach someone after regular business hours or on a weekend, you may call 417-448-4172.

How much do the storage units cost?

10×10 $40.00 / month
10×15 $50.00 / month
10×20 $60.00 / month
10×30 $85.00 / month

Is there a security deposit or other fees to rent a storage unit?

No, there is no security deposit and there are no additional fees to rent a unit. You simply pay the appropriate rent for the size unit you are renting.

What kind of lock do I need and where can I get one?

We require that tenants use a round padlock. (This is because that shape will not allow bolt cutters to be used to cut the lock off which is the most common means that criminals use to enter another person’s storage unit in other locations. We have never had a break in at our location with tenants using the round locks.) See the picture of a sample round lock shape required. Using this shape of lock is the best form of security for protecting your possessions.


You will need to purchase your own lock and place it on the hasp of the storage unit door. The round locks can be purchased at the local lumber yards (Sutherland’s and Meeks) or at WalMart.
There are 2 slots for padlocks on the hasp on each storage unit door. The tenant may only use one of those slots. The other slot must be kept free for management use only.

Please note: Since tenants are required to provide their own lock, they are responsible for the key to that lock. Management will not have a way to remove a tenant’s lock if the tenant loses the key. If this situation were to occur, the tenant will need to contact the locksmith of their choice to have the lock professionally opened without damaging the door or the unit.

Who can rent a storage unit?

A person must be the age of 18 or over, provide a copy of a photo ID issued by a government agency, provide a valid email address where they can receive messages, and sign a storage lease agreeing to be obligated to make the payments as required in addition to meeting all other terms of the lease.

How long of a storage lease do I have to commit to?

All storage units are rented on a month to month basis using calendar months.

If you wish to begin renting a storage unit in the middle of a calendar month, the rent will be prorated for that partial month, but all future months will be charged as a full month of rent being due regardless of the number of days in the month that the unit was occupied.

By signing a storage unit lease, a person is committing to pay the full monthly rental rate for each month or part of a month until the person removes all of their possessions from the unit and notifies the office that the unit has been vacated.

When is my storage rent due each month?

The rent on each storage unit is due on the 1st day of each month. If we have not received payment by the 5th day of the month, a late fee will be added to your account and the manager will place a lock on your unit until the balance is paid in full.

When you rent a storage unit, you will be asked to provide us with an email address where you can be reached. Once we enter that email address into our system, you will receive an email inviting you to log in to a tenant portal. This will give you access to see the balance of your account and to make a payment online if you wish.

How can I pay for my storage unit?

We accept several payment methods including the convenience of either an auto debit, several online payment methods, or accepting payments in person at our office.

If you wish to have the easiest and most convenient method of payment, sign up for the auto debit while at our office completing your lease! Your storage payment will automatically transfer from your checking account to your storage account on the first day of the month when it is due. You don’t have to remember to make your payment –it automatically happens on the correct day each month! Never have a late fee or get locked out because of unpaid rent!

Another option is to make a payment online through your tenant portal. Your tenant portal will will allow you pay by credit card or by echeck. The online credit card service has a small transaction fee that will be charged to your credit card when you use that service. However the echeck payment will not have any fees for using it. These online options are available 24 hours a day so that you can ensure that your rent is paid on time regardless of when the office is open.

If you wish to make a rental payment in person at our office, you can do so by cash, check, money order, or credit card. (The credit card service available at the office will add a 3% transaction fee. For example, if your storage rental rate is $50.00, the 3% fee would be $1.50 and your card would be charged a total of $51.50.) We ask that cash and credit card payments be handled in person during the office business hours of 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday. However, checks and money orders can be dropped off either during business hours in the office or after hours using the drop box on the front right corner of the building. If using the drop box afterhours, please place your payment in an envelope with your name and unit number written on the envelope in order to ensure that the payment is applied to the correct account.

What happens if I don’t pay for my storage unit?

The rent on each storage unit is due on the 1st day of each month. If we have not received payment by the 5th day of the month, a $10.00 late fee will be added to your account and the manager will place a red secondary lock on your unit until the balance is paid in full.

When and how often can I get into my storage unit and can I access my storage unit at night?

You have 24 hour access to your storage unit including evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays. We provide good lighting around the storage buildings during the overnight hours so that you have the convenience of accessing your possessions anytime.

What security measures do you take to keep my possessions safe while in storage?

We require that storage tenants use a round lock which prevents bolt cutters from being used to by criminals to cut a lock and access your possessions.
We have 24 hour surveillance video cameras .
On-site management regularly checks the storage buildings to ensure only those who have units rented are spending time on the property and that there are no signs of improper activities on the property.

Do the storage units have electrical outlets in them?

No, the storage units do not have electrical outlets in them.

Are the storage units temperature controlled?

No, the storage units are not temperature controlled. If you have items to store which will be affected by the heat or cold that is typical of this region in the various seasons, you may want to store those items elsewhere. A general rule of thumb to follow is that if you have an item which would be affected by high or low temperatures and you would not store it in a garage, then you should not store in a mini storage unit either.

Do you have flooding or water damage issues at your storage units?

Our storage buildings are built so that rain water drains away from the buildings and we have not had flooding/water issues. However, since the floors of each unit are concrete which may draw moisture and sweat a little as the ground temperature changes, we understand the concern that tenants may have about moisture issues.

If this is a concern for you, we suggest that you pack smaller items in stackable plastic tubs with lids to protect them. (The plastic tubs are generally available to purchase at Walmart or other discount stores.) If you wish to have furniture and larger items up off of the concrete floor as a preventative measure, you can purchase pallets at Quality Products in Nevada, MO for a very low price such as $1.00 to $3.00 per pallet. Call Quality Products at 417-667-8944 Monday through Friday 8am to 4:00pm.

Are there items that I am not allowed to store in your mini storage units?

You are not allowed to store liquids, explosives, flammable liquids, toxic materials, and perishables in your mini storage unit. Please contact the office if you have questions regarding a specific item.

Should I get insurance on my possessions which are in the storage unit?

We always recommend that tenants have insurance coverage for personal possessions in a storage unit. We suggest that you check with the insurance agent who has your homeowner’s policy or your renter’s policy to clarify if your contents are still covered under that policy up to a specified dollar amount or if you need to purchase additional coverage for your possessions while in storage. The owner of the storage unit only has coverage for the storage building. Each tenant is responsible for either obtaining their own insurance for their possessions. Any tenant who does not purchase insurance for their possession is accepting the risk of loss without any expectation of compensation for the loss.

When do I need to give notice if I decide to remove my possessions and no longer rent the storage unit?

We appreciate any prior notice you can give us about your plan to vacate a storage unit. However, you are only required to notify the office at the time you have actually moved all of your possessions out of the unit and left it clean.

You may either stop by the office and tell us in person, or you may call and leave a message at 417-667-2633, or you may email us at

What do I need to do when I move out of my storage unit?

When you are vacating a storage unit, you need to:
1. Remove all of your possesions
2. Remove any trash that may have accumulated
3. Sweep the unit out with a broom
4. Notify the office that you have vacated the unit and will not be renting it the following month